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- Manager wages will start out at $20 per hour, plus tips
- Tips vary per shift and therefore we cannot guarantee a wage, however every barista averages around $11 per hour in cash + credit card tips
- Managers do receive a $50 weekly bonus to cover costs of being on their phone when needed (ex: dealing with customers and or staff)
- Barista experience is not required

- Prior work experience IS required
- Free drink of choice during every shift
- Discounted drinks for all non-shift times
- Performance Bonuses
- Annual Raises
- Free Merchandise

interview, hire, and train new baristas
- create the work schedule for your location
- assist with weekly payroll for your location
- weekly bank run for deposits and change
- diagnose and fix (if necessary) equipment
- learn about our equipment and best ways to trouble shoot and teach your
team to troubleshoot
- contact equipment techs and vendors when needed

- take count of, rotate, and put away weekly inventory
- handle ordering of some inventory such a Red Bull, soda, foods, etc
- store runs when needed. (this includes Sam's Club)
- oversee employee progress and intervene when needed
- do monthly barista evaluations with each staff member
- monthly staff meetings with local team
- have a monthly meeting, via video call, with owners and other location managers
- fill in for shifts when needed (ex: call-ins or scheduling problems)
- be available to come in and help when needed
- be available to answer your phone when baristas/other company personal need help
- have their phone numbers posted for their locations to field calls from 
- work with our software developers in continuing to better our mobile app and POS

Job Description

You must be 18 years or older to apply for a manager position at Sip's Coffee Company. Do you meet this requirement?
What location are you applying for?
Please select all weekday hours you would be availabled
Please select all weekend hours you would be available
Do you have a reliable transportation?
Managers will be required to work their regular scheduled shifts, and fill in on shifts that cannot be filled by baristas and/or when someone calls in. Do you acknowledge that this will be apart of your job if hired?
We use an app for our schedule and work communication. Do you have a phone/computer/tablet that you could use to access this app?
If you meet all requirements listed on previous page, please select "yes"
If you are applying for the Wright location manager, please know that you will need to travel to our other locations to train properly for a few weeks. Will this be a problem?

Thanks for submitting!

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